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What are in-stock and pre-order products?

What is a pre-order?

A pre-order is an item that has not yet come into stock, but you can pre-purchase it. All pre-orders are paid up-front like normal orders and are then shipped out to you as soon as they arrive at our warehouse.


Pre-orders are important for limited release items, as sometimes we may pre-sell out of an item, so pre-ordering will be the only way to ensure you can buy that item.


You can tell if an item is a pre-order by looking at the product page. It will have some information about ordering in-stock items along with pre-order items, and the buy now button will be pre-order now.


When will you dispatch my pre-order?

As soon as the stock has arrived from the distributor, we will turn it around ASAP and get your pre-order dispatched to you.


Orders containing both in-stock and pre-order items

If you have placed an order on our website that contains both a pre-order item and an in-stock item, please be aware that we will ship your order as a whole once everything has arrived to our warehouse.

We always endeavour to process all pre-orders as quickly as possible, but please be aware there could be a delay on a heavily pre-sold item or if there are multiple new releases that week. We ask for your patience during this time, so we can have as many team members as possible getting the pre-orders out, so any additional emails and telephone calls for dispatch updates will only slow down the process as we need to relocate staff to answer these messages.