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The Magic Madhouse Pre-Order Price Guarantee

We all know that Magic cards can fluctuate in price, and this is never more true than in the period just before the release of a new set, with new spoilers coming out every day. As a result, we have decided to set up a Pre-Order Price Guarantee, so that you can be sure you won't lose out if the price of the cards you order is lower on release than the day you place your order.

So how will the Guarantee work?
It's simple: if you Pre-Order an item from us, and on release day that item is cheaper, you will receive 125% of the difference back in store credit. So for example, if you order a card for £19.99 and the price drops to £14.99 on release day, you will receive £6.25 back in store credit.

Pre-Order Price Matching

We are also going a step further and committing to Pre-Order Price Matching for certain Magic: The Gathering products.
If you pre-order one of these items on our website - Booster Box, Booster Pack, Planeswalker Deck, Bundle or Duel Deck - but can find them available for Pre-Order cheaper on another retailer's website in the United Kingdom for less (taking shipping into account) we will credit your account with 125% of the difference in price, just the same as our Pre-Order Price Guarantee.
So as an example, if you pre-order a booster box for £79.95 including shipping and can find it on another retailer for £74.95 including shipping, we will give you £6.25 back in store credit.

How do I take advantage of Pre-Order Price Matching?
If you have placed an order that you believe qualifies for credit under the Pre-Order Price Matching offer, please provide the following details using our contact form:

1) The web address of the retailer whose price you would like us to match.
2) The type and quantity of the items whose price you would like us to match.
3) The shipping type that you would like us to match, if applicable.

Please remember to include your email address and telephone number when filling out the contact form in case we need to contact you.

You can find full terms and conditions for our Pre-Order Price Guarantee and Pre-Order Price Matching here.