MTG Planechase Anthology

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Welcome to our full range of MTG Planechase Anthology sets here at Magic Madhouse. Magic: The Gathering’s rich lore is heralded as being the deepest in the TCG world, and features a whole host of self-contained planes within the MTG multiverse. Each individual plane is home to a simply countless number of unique creatures and characters, more than enough to make your head spin, even if you’re a veteran of the MTG scene. With this in mind, the MTG Planechase Anthology serves both as a nostalgic trip to forgotten lands, and also as an introductory series for those new to the world of Magic: The Gathering.

The Planechase Anthology celebrates the lore of the planes, and will allow players to relive past glories in this expansion set; it’s certain to be a trip that’s full of surprises and chaos - and we wouldn’t accept anything less. MTG Planechase Anthology will redefine the past and potentially shape the future in this nostalgic set. The full Planechase Anthology box release will feature everything needed for a 2-4 player game, including four Planechase 2012 decks, 86 oversized Planar cards; as well as a whole host of additional Planechase Anthology goodies - namely unique life counters, tokens, a special edition Planar die and five slide deck boxes.

Planechase Anthology will guarantee an immersive Planeswalker experience like never before, and will truly allow players to experience the full power of the multiverse conquering Planeswalker. Here at Magic Madhouse, you can get your hands on the all-inclusive Planechase Anthology box online. If you’re looking for additional MTG sets, why not explore our Aether Revolt, Conspiracy: Take The Crown and Commander 2016 sets; or take a journey back to the Kaladesh plane and play from the Kaladesh set.