Magic: The Gathering Trading Cards

What is Magic: The Gathering?

Magic the Gathering is a collectable card game that initially created the trading card market and still thrives today as many people continue to buy Magic the Gathering cards. The game can be played by two or more players in a duel situation or can simply be collected as part of a growing collection depending on different people’s preferences.

In our Magic the Gathering cards collection we have a range of collectable Magic the Gathering foils and Magic the Gathering singles for you to choose from. We also offer you the ability to browse through a fantastic range of Rare Magic the Gathering cards and Magic the Gathering Mythic cards.

Magic the Gathering cards represent a battle between wizards, known as ‘planeswalkers’ and many other different types of creatures. Although Magic the Gathering cards have drew a heavy influence from the traditional fantasy and role-playing games, the concept of Magic the Gathering cards bears little resemblance to typical adventure games, while also featuring more complex rules and game play than many other card games.

Like most other trading card games, different Magic the Gathering cards present higher value than others due to their rarity and utility in the actual game. For collectors, the higher the value of Magic the Gathering cards the stronger their collection grows.

Magic the Gathering cards underwent a general release on the 5th August 1993 after creators, Richard Garfield and Peter Adkison, CEO of Wizards of the Coast, saw the potential of the trading card game. Magic the Gathering cards met a great success which meant that later in 1993 it had promoted a reissue along with other expansions to the game. Revisions and expansions of the base game have been released on a regular basis, averaging out at roughly four a year. Magic the Gathering cards, including Magic singles have not been altered drastically during their reign however, they did go through three major changes - the revised edition of 1994, the classic edition of 1999 and Magic 2010. Apart from the only other change to Magic the Gathering cards with the visual change of the release of the Eighth Edition in 2003.

Breaking down the format of traditional MTG games

A typical game with Magic the Gathering cards consists of two or more players engaged in a battle as wizards know as ‘Planeswalkers’. Each player starts off with 20 life points and loses them until he or she is reduced to zero or below during battle. Players’ loose lives when they are dealt ‘damage’ by their opponents and the different Magic the Gathering cards they are using. Each players start off with 7 Magic the Gathering cards and require a deck of a minimum of 60 Magic the Gathering cards with no upper limit. A player can’t not exceed the limit of four copies of one individual card – this is due to power reasons and sometimes for game mechanics. Deck building requires strategy which means that the more Magic the Gathering cards you have the more chances you have of coming up with a winning strategy. Spells are a big part of the game and each spell requires a certain type of manna depicted by different colours - white, blue, black, red and green, also known as the ‘Pentagon of Colours’.

Magic the Gathering cards can be categorised simply into card format, card set and card type. Depending on what you are looking for you will be able to use these filters to find exactly what you want. Magic the Gathering cards vary in type - Artefact, Basic, Creature, Enchantment, Instant, Land, Legendary, Ongoing, Plane, Planeswalker, Scheme, Snow, Sorcery, Tribal, Vanguard and World. Using these card types you will be able to find specific Magic the Gathering cards from different formats and sets. After you have narrowed down what you are looking for you will be able to choose from a range of different product types such as Magic singles, foils, tokens and repacks.

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With all the choice available you will be able to find the Magic the Gathering cards you need to build the perfect deck and create your own personal strategies. Here at Magic Madhouse we pride ourselves on our vast collection of Magic the Gathering cards. If you are looking for particular Magic singles, foils, tokens or repacks please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.