Magic: The Gathering Trading Cards

Welcome to home of the biggest Magic: The Gathering retailer - Magic Madhouse, the premier stop for all things MTG card and TCG accessories. Magic: The Gathering’s incredible global popularity continues to grow, and worldwide interest in MTG is now at an all-time high - with more players than ever, and a fully-fledged professional scene, headlined by the Magic: The Gathering Pro Series. The game is enjoyed both through its competitive aspect, pitting 2 or more players against one another in fierce battles; and as a collectable Here at Magic Madhouse, we’re proud to offer the world’s largest Magic: The Gathering selection, and make available our cards as singles, as well as convenient booster packs, booster boxes and an array of repacks & complete sets to kickstart your competitive Magic journey. We also offer you the ability to purchase a catalogue of the rarest cards from the MTG lore, as well as those from the most recent expansion sets.

How to play the traditional Magic: The Gathering card game

Magic the Gathering cards represent a battle between powerful wizards, known as ‘planeswalkers’ and many other different types of destructive creatures and warriors. Although Magic the Gathering cards draw a great influence from traditional fantasy and role-playing games, competitive MTG provides greater-depth of gameplay than many other card games and tabletop RPGs - ensuring the game remains as a favourite within the competitive TCG scene, with the Magic: The Gathering Pro Series as strong as ever.

Each player starts off with 20 life points and loses them until he or she is reduced to zero or below during battle. Players lose lives when they are dealt ‘damage’ by their opponents during the course of battle, with monstrous creatures dealing huge amounts of damage. Spells are a huge element of the game and each spell requires a certain type of manna depicted by different colours - white, blue, black, red and green, also known as the ‘Pentagon of Colours’. Each starts proceedings with 7 cards, pulled from a legal deck of a minimum of 60 cards with no upper limit. A player can’t not exceed the limit of four copies of one individual card – this is enforced with balancing in mind and to ensure game mechanics are not overridden. MTG deck building requires a thorough and cunning strategy, enabling players with an extensive knowledge of card combinations to trap their opponents. Magic the Gathering cards can be categorised simply into card format, card set and card type. You can use our filters to narrow down our selection to find the exact card you’re seeking out for your collection or deck; we’ve always got upcoming expansion sets available for pre-order; so make sure to check back in with Magic Madhouse to ensure that you’re equipped with the latest MTG cards.

Here at Magic Madhouse we deliver an unrivalled selection of MTG cards; and in addition to this, also offer MTG playmats, deck boxes, folders & binders and standard size sleeves to protect your cards.