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Magic Madhouse's Buylist

The Magic Madhouse Buylist



*PLEASE NOTE* - We are beta testing the buylist, so we have only added a limited number of items. This number will be expanded over time. We appreciate your patience whilst we do this.

Magic Madhouse are always looking to buy and trade cards. If you have cards you're looking to sell, or trade in for store credit, please read through the following information about the buylist process, then follow the link at the bottom of the page to Magic Madhouse's Buylist.

Using our Buylist

The buylist works the same as a regular shopping cart. You can use the checkboxes on the left to filter by Set, Rarity etc., or search for specific card names using the search box above the checkboxes. Once you have found the card you are looking for, add the quantity you wish to sell to the quantity box and click 'Add to List'. You'll be able to see a list of the cards currently on your buylist on the right side of the page. For cards not individually listed on the buylist, most are bought in at our Bulk rates. Unfortunately, until further notice, we are currently not buying in bulk cards on our website buylist.

Once you have finished adding all the items you want to sell, click the 'Submit Buylist' button and your buylist will be logged on our database. You can also view your buylist, and its current status, by logging into your account and clicking on 'My Buy List History'.

Once the buylist has been submitted, you will be sent an email with details of where to send the buylist to, along with any additional information we will need. Please print this email out and include it with your package to speed up the processing of your buylist. Then, all you need to do is send us the cards.

Packing Your Cards

Please be sure to pack your cards securely for transit. Rubber bands should not be used to hold cards, as they can damage the edges and result in a lower final quote. We always recommend the use of a bubble mailer or a box where possible, and toploaders for high value cards. If you have questions about how to pack your buylist, please contact us and we'll be glad to help. We would recommend that buylist packages are sent by Recorded or Special Delivery to insure you against loss in the post. Please note that any boxes, sleeves, or binders will not be retained unless specifically requested.

Please note that padded envelopes containing cards are often too large or heavy to be covered by a single First Class stamp, and insufficient postage can result in substantial delays to delivery. Any charges incurred by Magic Madhouse due to insufficient postage or similar charges will be deducted from your buylist total. If you do not use a tracked/insured postage method, we strongly recommend that you obtain a stamped and signed Certificate of Posting from your Post Office when sending the buylist to ensure that you will be able to claim for compensation if your cards do not arrive.

As we receive a large volume of buylists, to ensure that we can handle these as efficiently and quickly as possible, we ask that you sort the cards in the order as on the email you receive, with any bulk cards kept separately. If the cards are not sorted, this will result in a delay in processing your buylist.

*PLEASE NOTE* We require your cards to be in the same order that they appear on your buylist. Any buylists not appearing in this order may be a subject to a 5% sorting surcharge.

Grading & Confirming Buylist Changes

Once we receive your buylist we will grade all the cards. The prices quoted on the buylist are for English cards in Mint / Near Mint condition, however we buy in cards in all conditions & all languages. For cards graded below Mint / Near Mint condition, deductions will be made to the buy price of the card. These deductions will be based on the original buy price of the card and the condition, and tables of standard deductions for Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon can be found here. If the cards received do not match the submitted buylist, they will be repriced at the current buy price as of the processing date.

Please note that the final value of cards from Alpha, Beta, Unlimited, Arabian Nights, Antiquities, The Dark, and Legends, that are graded below Near Mint condition may be significantly lower than the Near Mint buy price.

Once your buylist has been checked, you will be advised of the revised final total by email. This can also be viewed if you log into your account and select 'My Buy List History'. If you receive a revised total, please confirm your acceptance of this total either through the 'My Buy List History' page on the website, or by contacting us directly. 

Please note that if the deductions to your buylist come to less than 1% of the original total, we will default to proceeding with payment. If you would like us to wait for confirmation even of changes below 1% of the total, please note this when sending the cards.

Foreign Magic: The Gathering cards will be purchased at 60% of listed value. For foreign cards for any other game, please contact us before submitting your buylist.

If you need more information on how your cards will be graded, please view our condition guide here.

Finalising the buylist and payment options

To accept any changes you can log into your account and under 'My Buy List History' it will give you the option to accept them. If there are no changes, your buylist will automatically be added to the queue for payment.

Once everything is finalised, payment can be made by one of the following methods.

  • Store Credit (NOW 30% bonus to your final buylist total) - please note the check-out process still says 20% we are getting this changed.
  • Bank Transfer (UK customers only)
  • Cheque (UK customers only)
  • PayPal (PayPal may charge a fee for receiving money)
  • International Bank Transfers (subject to a £5 fee for payments in €, and a £20 fee for payments in £)

Buylist Processing Times

Buylists are processed on a first-come, first-served basis once they arrive at our offices. Due to the large number of buylists we receive, we advise that any buylist may take up to 3 weeks (15 working days) to process from the date received, although we will always try to keep this processing time to a minimum.

Once final confirmation, including acceptance of any changes, is made, payment by bank transfer, cheque or PayPal will be made within 5 working days.

Store credit will be added to your account within one working day of final confirmation.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.

Please note, any buylist not received within 2 weeks of submission will be cancelled without prior notice. If you believe it will take longer than that for your cards to arrive, please contact us.

Trading Cards - GET 30% MORE

For the cards on our buylist we can also offer you store credit, usable to purchase anything from our site. You can get an additional 30% on top of the prices quoted on the list, and credit can be added directly to your website account.

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