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Loyalty Scheme & Discounts

Welcome to Magic Madhouse's Loyalty Scheme! There are just a few things that you need to know to make sure that every order for £10 or more qualifies you for Loyalty Credit towards your next order.

In order to use the Loyalty Scheme you need to:-

1. Have an account on Magic Madhouse.

2. Tick the 'Join customer loyalty scheme' option when you sign up. If you are already a member, please log into your account, go to Account Details and select the option 'Receive the Magic Madhouse customer loyalty credit'.

Now you will receive Madhouse Loyalty Credit for every order you place over £10.

If you spend between £10 - 19.99, your account will be credited with £0.50
If you spend between £20 - 29.99, your account will be credited with £1.00
If you spend between £30 - 39.99, your account will be credited with £1.50

And so on.

So if you were to spend £86.95 on a booster box, you would be credited with £4 to be put toward a future order. Please note that if loyalty credit is used to pay for part of an order, you will receive credit for the remainder of the total that is paid by card or PayPal.

Loyalty credit for an order is added when the order is marked as dispatched on our system - please bear this in mind when placing pre-orders that may not be dispatched until some time after the order is placed.

The next bit is VERY IMPORTANT

Credit will be added for orders paid for by Credit / Debit card, PayPal or Amazon Pay. However, credit can only be applied to orders if any remaining balance is paid by Credit / Debit card or Amazon Pay.

If you pay with PayPal, loyalty credit cannot be applied to the order. This is because PayPal require the use of their own express checkout system, and this does not connect your order directly to your Magic Madhouse account. As the loyalty scheme can only be applied to orders placed through the Magic Madhouse website checkout system, we cannot apply loyalty discounts to payments made through PayPal.

If you have any further questions, or need help regarding the Loyalty Scheme, please contact us.