Int Shipping Live - Custom Charges May Occur
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Fraud Checking

Sadly, this is something that must happen. The details you provide to process your order will be checked against either SagePay (Credit/Debit card), PayPal or AmazonPay – dependent on how you make your payment. If nothing odd pops up, your order will be processed like normal without any delay.


If there are some irregularities, your order will be placed into Pending and we will do some quick checks and may contact you for further details. For example, we may need to determine why the payment details do not match your name or why your order is being shipped to a different country to normal.


We will do what we can to minimise any delays and only the relevant Magic Madhouse and payment provider staff will be able to access to order/payment information in order to determine the validity of your order.

If we do ask you to confirm any information, please do not be offended, we are asking to protect you and us from fraudsters.