Brexit Statement - International Deliveries Affected
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Brexit Statement

Magic Madhouse Statement Regarding Brexit

As the UK ends the transition period, we are coming closer to finding out if a trade deal with the European Union will be done.

There are a number of changes that we will have to make to our export procedure and due to the exact nature of the trade deal being unknown, we are still yet to find out what exactly is going to be the end result.

The result of brexit will mean a number of trade deals with various countries around the world will no longer in place. It will also mean changes to our own import and export procedures and we will be required to perform platform upgrades to accommodate this.

Royal Mail have posted service information stating that they are no longer shipping parcels to the vast majority of countries, with this information and as a result of the changes we will be required to make, we have taken the difficult choice to remove our international shipping options from the website. We hope that in due course there will be further information from the UK government regarding a deal and updated information regarding accurate export procedure.

Whilst we hope that clarity will be forthcoming over the upcoming days, with the Christmas period and further lockdown restrictions, the changes that we may be required to be make are likely to take additional time and resources.

We hope to reinstate these international shipping options in the first week of January, but this is entirely dependent on information being forthcoming.

I want to apologise to all our international customers for this inconvenience.

For those of you within the European Union who have placed Pre-Orders that will be dispatched next year, there are likely to be changes with how we process your order and additional steps may be required. Our customer service team will contact you in the new year if this is the case.

We understand that this is likely to be a difficult and cumbersome transitional period and we appreiciate your patience whilst we ensure that everything is running smoothly. 

To everyone, I hope you enjoy the holiday season and have a Happy New Year.

Michael Duke

Magic Madhouse
Managing Director