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Modern Horizons 2 Set Review

It’s hard to believe we’re only a couple of months out from Time Spiral Remastered, Strixhaven and Commander 2021, because Wizards of the Coast is already back at it with another fantastic set: Modern Horizons 2. But don’t let the name fool you; whether you play Modern, Legacy, Commander, or just kitchen table Magic, this Modern Horizons 2 is definitely something you’ll want to pay attention to – it might just be the best release of the year!

Modern Horizons 2 follows on from 2019’s wildly popular Modern Horizons, and is focused primarily on the format that gives it its name – Modern. While Modern usually limits its card pool to those that were at one point legal in Standard (like cards from Strixhaven, Amonkhet or Gatecrash, for instance), the Modern Horizons series functions as a direct infusion into the format, with any card printed in it immediately playable in your favourite decks.

The headliners for Modern Horizons 2 are the five enemy-coloured Fetch lands, which are all being reprinted at rare and are available in any booster pack. Verdant Catacombs, Scalding Tarn, Misty Rainforest, Arid Mesa and Marsh Flats are all considered some of the best lands ever printed, and see regular play in Modern, Legacy and Commander because of how flexible they are.

Other than the lands, Esper Sentinel is giving white decks their own version of the ever-popular Rhystic Study, letting you draw cards whenever another player casts their second spell each turn. There’s also the new planeswalker Grist, a horrifying mass of insects that works great as a Commander for black/green graveyard decks, Garth One-Eye, who can literally create Black Lotus’ at will, and Yavimaya Cradle of Growth, a legendary land that turns all other lands into Forests!

Some of the most scarily powerful cards in the set, though, are the five Elemental Incarnation creatures. Solitude (white), Subtlety (blue), Grief (black), Fury (red) and Endurance (green) all provide incredible effects when they enter the battlefield, from bouncing creatures back to their owners’ hands with Subtlety to forcing discards with Grief. On top of that, they can be played for zero mana cost thanks to their Evoke mechanic, which only requires you to exile a similarly-coloured card from your hand. These are quickly going to become some of the strongest turn-1 plays, especially Grief, putting them among the most sought-after cards in the set.

This wouldn’t be a Modern Horizons 2 primer if there was no mention of  Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar (az-more-ah-know-mar-dik-a-die-steen-a-cull-da-car). She’s has the new longest name in non-parody Magic, so that’s got to be worth something for your collection!

For those who like to bling out their decks, Modern Horizons 2 is featuring not one, but two different Showcase frames. The first is one we’ve seen pretty recently, as Time Spiral Remastered’s retro frames are back again – in draft packs you’ll find old-border versions of Modern Horizons 2 cards, while in Set and Collectors’ you may also find reprints from the original Modern Horizons set as well! If you’re a fan of the new etched foil treatment first offered in Commander Legends, Collector’s boosters also offer etched foil retro frames of both MH1 and MH2 cards, and they are some of the prettiest, most vibrant pieces ever printed for the game.

The second style celebrates the artists who’ve worked on the set, by showcasing in-progress sketches of their cards and a rough, scribbled frame. Alongside them, the flavour text is also replaced with that Wizards of the Coast’s art director commissioned them for, giving you a unique look into how artists help make Magic what it is. These can be found in all kinds of booster packs, and come in both foil and normal treatments.

For the first time in Magic’s history, a non-Standard set is getting almost the complete product lineup! That means that, along with the usual Draft and Collector’s Boosters, Modern Horizons 2 is also available in Set boosters, with each pack containing both an art card and a chance at pulling something from ‘The List’, a huge selection of cards from Magic’s history that appear in one in four set boosters.

All three types of booster is available in individual packs and booster boxes, which draft boosters can also come in a 10-pack Bundle box, with added spindown life counter and exclusive alt-art version of Yusri, Fortune’s Flame.

Modern Horizons 2 is shaping up to be one of the most powerful, varied and valuable sets of all time. Full of incredible cards for almost any format, this is going to go down in Magic history as one of the greats.

Modern Horizons 2 is out now! You can order your packs, boxes and cards through Magic Madhouse today!

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